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ThyssenKrupp test tower is going to be finished

Our 'highest roofing construction site' is finished. The test tower for new high speed elevators from ThyssenKrupp will be opened in Oct. 2017.

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Meet us on KAZ Education Fair - 10.-11. October

The KAZ is on Friday from 8:30h - 17:00h and Saturday from 9:00h to 16:00h in the Backsteinbau Hall in Sulz. www.kaz-sulz.de

Meet us there and get some information about education and jobs in our company!

from left:
Michael Schlegel, roofer; Gerd Balbach, teacher; Benedikt Hug DDM, operations manager; Annette Oster-Haug, BBQ occupational education gGmbH; pupils of 9th class; Martin Kettner,
head of school


education Lange is first partner in education for school network in Balingen-Frommern

Last monday we signed an agreement in our Balingen company. As first partner we hope for a successful teamwork with the whole school.

We actually started our first project together with pupils from the 9th class - roofing for a wooden birdhouse with tiles.

More common projects are already planned. We're supporting the school with several projects to find new opportunites by the occupational orientation and give practical course and information about the roofers and plumbers craft

education reade more (PDF)

Weihnachtsfeier mit Verabschiedung und Ehrungen


Company christmas party with leave-taking and distinctions

Our company christmas party in december with more than 100 employees participating was a perfect stage for distinctions for our long-time employees und the leave-taking of Siggi Bluhm, a veteran of our Balingen branch.

Our employees Ralph Fehrenbacher (3rd.t.l, 30 years), Stefan Vurusic (4th.t.l., 20 years), Elke Fuchs (5th.t.l., 10 years), Benedikt Hug (3rd.t.r., 10 years) und Mario Kuzler (2nd.t.r., 10 years) were honored by the general managers Ralf Lange (1st.t.l.) and Karl-Heinz Lange (1st.t.r.)

Aufzugtestturm ThyssenKrupp
picture release:


ThyssenKrupp Test tower for elevators

ThyssenKrupp builds its new test tower for elevators. Technically meant a great challenge and a new construction never tried before! Also for waterproofing – we look forward exciting works in dizzy heights Find more at  www.testturm.thyssenkrupp-elevator.com

Neubau Vector Informatik, Stuttgart
picture release:
Vector Informatik


New campus Vector Informatik, Stuttgart

The Stuttgart-based IT-specialist Vector builds ist fifth buliding with latest technical standards.
With its stunning architecture we’ll see a new highlight. And with a professional waterproofing made by Lange all will be safe and secure.
Find more at  www.vector-baut.com

03|2014 / Exhibition Neckar-Alb Regenerativ 29.3. - 30.3.14

The Exhibition Neckar-Alb Regenerativ is happening in Balingen again. On Saturday and Sunday you’ll find innovation and latest technique for saving energy, construction, renovation and modernising. On a ‚experts stage‘ professionals from several sectors were talking about the actual themes and trends.

12|2013 / strong sign of confidence for LANGE

The Thoma-Pur GmbH, a well known and long time partner for insulation in PUR-technology appointed the Karl-Heinz Lange GmbH+Co.KG as the favourite partner to continue the business. We are very proud of the confidence and all the related duty.

06|2012 / Enlargement of crane capacities

Scania again! Also our next brand new crane is built on a Scania, another ‚King Class‘ for our clients. With an almost maximum height of 40m and latest equipment this cran is a welcome gain on all sites. Due to the removable platform und the underneath semitrailer coupling it’s versatile as a drawing vehicle for all purposes.

12|2011 / our swiss chrismas construction site

Nice surprise: working close to chrismas with best weather conditions – in central Swizerland surrounded by snow-covered huge mountains. Merry chrismas to all and a good start in January for our ‚Team Suisse‘

08|2011 / International U19 Tournament Oberndorf

From 5 August until 8 August the annually International Under-19 tournament will take place in Oberndorf. Like the other years there will be top teams from all over the world to challenge each other. Lange feels responsible to promote junior sport and regional talent promotion so Lange is Sponsor of Bayer Leverkusen for this weekend.
Do not ... read more

06|2011 / Schwarz Apparate- und Behälterbau - all good things come in threes

Schwarz Apparate- und Behälterbau GmbH in Dornstetten, see www.schwarz-online.de, realized their third hall with Lange. For all their objects they chose the same approved system consisting of a plastic roof sheeting and loosely fixed photovoltaics. We are glad about the long-lasting and trusting cooperation with company Schwarz - as an ... read more

03|2011 / neckar-alb regenerativ 2011

On 26.03 and 27.03, we will be introducing ourselves at the neckar-alb regenerative Trade Fair (at the Volksbankmesse in Balingen). With new ideas and innovative solutions, we look forward to meeting you in Balingen. Please feel free to come and see us at our stand.

12|2010 / Christmas party to celebrate 125 years

If you work hard, you need to play hard! At this year-end, all 72 staff members of the company in Balingen and Oberndorf enjoyed a sumptuous – and fun – Knights’ Banquet. At the anniversary celebrations, the two managing directors, Karl-Heinz and Ralf Lange, congratulated nine staff members on 125 years’ service between ... read more

09|2010 / Celebrating 50 years of Lange

Our celebrations actually started a bit earlier: to mark the firm's 50th anniversary last year, we did something special: the entire company's transfer to the new company was celebrated in style with a party, with many guests and an open day.
After a staff outing in the Spring and a big family day with staff old and new and their families ... read more

07|2010 / Andreas Schwab’s visit

As part of his summer tour, South Baden’s CDU Member of the European Parliament, Dr Andreas Schwab, together with the Lord Mayor of Oberndorf, Hermann Acker, visited Karl-Heinz Lange GmbH+Co.KG in Oberndorf. The reason for the visit was for them to see the firm’s new building, which was co-financed with resources from the EU’s ... read more

03|2010 / Blickle

Spring 2010. The leading producer of wheels and casters, Blickle in Rosenfeld (Zollernalb district), also decided to rely on Lange roofing quality when it extended its logistics centre. Around 6,000 square metres of roof area in a building of up to 25m in height houses an impressive 15,000 pallet storage places and a small parts warehouse with ... read more

01|2010 / Everything Red

Following the takeover of Lange-Dachtechnik (roofing technology), it is now time for the incorporation and uniform visual image of the two roofing companies in Oberndorf and Balingen - from 01.01, the word in Balingen is 'Everything Red'.

11|2009 / Weinmann Aach

The new business premises of Weinmann Aach AG, one of the leading steel dealers in the whole of Southern Germany, were built in two sections. With 700 kWp on a roof area of around 16,000 square metres, Germany’s biggest ever roof-mounted photovoltaic system was built at the steel dealership. Our remit: waterproofing and photovoltaic ... read more

16|06|2009 / Town visit

On 16 June, we invited Lord Mayor Acker and the management committee of the district council of the city of Oberndorf to visit the company. On behalf of the city and the council, Mayor Acker wished us all every success in our new premises.

17|05|2009 / Inauguration 15.05 and 17.05.

The harder you work, the more you need to play – even harder! In a beautiful setting on Friday evening, a party was held for our guests with a band, flying buffet and Havana lounge. This was our way of saying thank you to all of our company’s partners and friends for their many years of cooperation and mutual trust. Sunday’s ... read more

05|05|2009 / EU Commission’s Visit

The company was expecting visitors from high places on 5 May. A delegation of the European Commission from Brussels, led by Director General Dr. Dirk Ahner, visited the new company premises, which was partly funded by EU money. The successful combination of craftsmanship (Lange roofs), industry (KALA) and service (LangeTech) greatly impressed our ... read more

15|03|2009 / Moving premises 23.02 to 15.03.

Over the last three weeks and open for business as usual, all of our business divisions and administration department have moved premises. On Monday 16 March at 7 am on the dot, work started at the new site. Apart from a couple of teething problems, everything went extremely well.

At this point, we would just like to give praise where ... read more



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ThyssenKrupp test tower is going to be finished

Our 'highest roofing construction site' is finished. The test tower for new high speed elevators from ThyssenKrupp will be opened in Oct. 2017.
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